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Day-Neutral & Everbearing

Day-neutral varieties were selected and bred to produce flowers and fruit from summer continuously through fall in mild to hot weather. When summer heats up above 90 F, day-neutral strawberries stop producing until the weather cools again in the fall. Compared with June-bearers, day-neutral strawberry varieties also produce fewer runners and are a little easier to manage in the garden.  So instead of picking a single large crop of strawberries in June, you’ll pick smaller amounts of berries over a longer period of time. That’s a nice benefit if you want fresh berries from late May until late fall. 

Day-neutral and Everbearing cultivars do not produce runners profusely, so attempting to establish a matted row is not practical. Day Neutral and Everbearingstrawberries do best on a raised bed in a staggered double row planting system. With this system plants are spaced 10–18 inches apart, alternating them in two narrow rows that are just 8 inches apart. Space each staggered double row in your garden 42 inches apart.  Soil pH in the 6.0 to 7.0 range is ideal, 6.2 is optimal for strawberries.

Day-neutral plants produce flowers from the time of planting through frost in autumn. Fruits will form in about 30 days after flowers open. Cover the plants with 2 inches of mulch in the late fall when temperatures approach 20° F. Remove the mulch in early spring around the end of March to mid-April after the threat of severely cold weather has passed.

Everbearing strawberries do not produce continuously like a Day-neutral, they produce two periods of flowers and fruit during the summer and fall.

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